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[Tutorial] Mini Game 03 -- Game States, UI Scores, and Persistent Storage

  • This is an awesome resource and a great tutorial!

    I have a question, is there a way to restart the lens/game without having to go to another lens in the carousel and then returning to the cookie game lens? 

    Ideally I would like to have the game reset with a clickable button or really any trigger would work. 

    Thanks again for this awesome lens and I look forward to hopefully solving this minor issue with your help!

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  • dam this is an easy approach than what i did . So i got a question in my game what i did was i used multiple update function and it was causing some lag issue after 30 second in the game play or even in the lens studio . Is there a optimised way to use update function . 

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  • sadly my game was a 3d based so i used collison detection for it . so that function also has update .


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  • Hi, Kavin Kumar!

    The way to optimize would be to keep track of all objects in one script and update the list of object rather than each o them having its own script.

    Maybe try to use distance check instead of collision detection? Assume that all objects are spheres with some radius.

    Also make sure to delete SceneObjects when they are out of the screen.

    I tried your lens and it shouldn't get so slow! Feel free to share details, i believe it can be optimized!



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  • hi Olha

    so i have 6 different 3d models and all the models are being recycled . during the time of the game i didn't instantiate the prefab . What i did was i was moving the each object with different components for movement . Even tho the script is same but i used separate script for each model in order to give them time between each fall . And upon that i have separate script for rotation of the model to look like falling . but rest of the things are similar to the one above .





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  • Hi Colin Tucker

    Having a restart setting is a great suggestion! We can safely add a restart button to the game once 'Game Over' screen is shown. I will have that added to the next chapter of this tutorial series.

    Thanks for the suggestion! Great idea ^_^




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