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Depth sorting touch components

  • Also just to clarify, my issue specifically involves the touch component on a face mesh triggering when a UI button is pressed if the face mesh is overlapping with the UI:

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  • Hello
    I need your help explaining the lens

    I did not find any explanation for the functioning of the lens

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  • Hi, sava nozin!

    Sorry for the delay!

    Your question is so interesting but I couldn't find a time to answer it 

    Here is my solution (Works only for the case with different cameras like in your second example but can be extended)

    I created two scripts : DepthHelper and DepthController

    Depth Helper creates touch component for it's sceneObject with specified camera and tells DepthController what touch events were called and DepthController decides which one to call

    //@input Component.Camera camera

    var touchComponent = script.getSceneObject().createComponent("Component.TouchComponent");
    var meshVisual = script.getSceneObject().getComponent("Component.BaseMeshVisual");

    //get Camera renderOrder to know what's on the top
    var camRenderOrder =;

    //do same for other touch events

    // on Tap function that will be called if this object is on the top
    function realOnTapFunction(){
    print("Taped on " + script.getSceneObject().name);

    var onTapFunction = global.depthController.getTouchCallback("TapEvent", meshVisual, camRenderOrder, realOnTapFunction);

    /// Touch Move Event example
    function realOnTouchMoveFunction(){
    print("Moving on " + script.getSceneObject().name);

    var onTouchMoveFunction = global.depthController.getTouchCallback("TouchMoveEvent", meshVisual, camRenderOrder, realOnTouchMoveFunction);

    I added two examples here for tap and touch move

    ( Basically what you need - instead of binding function to touch event, register it to the Depth Controller, that will give you new function, which you would bind to event)

    And DepthController (put it above all helper scripts) collects all triggered events of some type and selects the one with highest render order

    //@input bool debug = true
    var eventPool = {}

    var getTouchCallback = function(eName, meshVisual, camRenderOrder, callBack){

    print("Registered " + eName + " on " + meshVisual.getSceneObject().name + " with render Order " + camRenderOrder);
    var setting = {
    renderOrder : camRenderOrder,
    callBack : callBack
    var func = function (s, e) {
    return function () {
    if(eventPool[e] == undefined){
    eventPool[e] = new Array();
    } (setting, eName);
    return func;


    function onLateUpdate() {
    for( eventName in eventPool) {
    eventPool = {};

    if (global.depthController == undefined){
    global.depthController = {
    getTouchCallback : getTouchCallback

    //comparator function. We can add distance to camera or render order here too
    //now it sorts only taking into account camera render order
    //sorts descending
    function compare(a, b) {
    if (a.renderOrder > b.renderOrder) {
    return -1;
    if (a.renderOrder < b.renderOrder) {
    return 1;
    return 0;

    If you are interested I can extend this example on render order of ScreenImages or distance to 3D objects . This probably will not be so precise

    I will definitely push this feature request to our engineers and hopefully we can have it built in studio soon

    Let me know if this is helpful/works for your case or if you need help with integrating this to your project




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  • Hi Olha,

    I ended up solving the issue with touch rejection regions that mask which areas of the screen allow which touch component to activate. It would be nice for the touch components to have this built-in. Like you said there are cases where this method or the render order might not be applicable.



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  • Just saw the Face Paint lens - it's amazing!

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