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Unknown reasons for rejection

  • Can you take a screenshot of your lens, so we can see what it is?

    Also, does your name on snapchat have a emoji in it?


    Looking forward to help you.

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  • Hi n-mikael,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Unfortunatelly I cannot publish any screenshots yet ;)

    But to reply to your question : no there isn't any emoji in the name of the lens.


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  • Ah i see, it's a secret. Love it!

    I mean, Does your display name on your account have a emoji?

    Can you go to your email, and check the reason for you rejection?

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  • The received mail doesn't give any clue actually : it is the standard message 

    "This Lens has errors. Please open the Preview panel and check the log output."

    but I don't have any errors in the log.


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  • In that case, you will need to fill out this form so lens studio team can investigate this for you. 

    To do so you will need to submit a bug report form. Please go here and click "Report a Bug or Crash" to fill out all the details of the incident.

    Make sure to include the lens ID, you can find the lens id under the snapcode.


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  • All right !

    Thanks a lot for your reactivity n-mikael ;)

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  • You're welcome, Quali CHABI. 

    Just doing my part as being apart of the community :)

    Hope you and Lens Studio Team figures it out.

    Have a beautiful day/night.

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  • This happened to me recently.  Support was ZERO help nor did they tell me why.

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  • Hi Dominique,

    Let me know if you still have that issue,

    I would love to help you out.

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  • Thank you for replying back,

    Have you tried so it's a clear face swap is being used on top of the user's face?

    This might be the reason why its being rejected :)

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  • I dont understand.  Yes its a face swap of my friends face onto the users face.  I do not know the context when you say "clear face swap".

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  •  have you tried with the face index, so the person who uses it gets on the picture? I am talking about this one she put in the email :)

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  • Still dont understand.  I use these as a Face mask.  I dont see anywhere where it says face index.  


    I really appreciate you trying to assist me.  Clearly there is something I am missing.  All I wanted was the initial support person to help.

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  • Let me try to make a example project for you Dominique,

    Give me a few minutes :) 

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  • I shouldn't figure out what i meant with Face Index, i remember using it for face swap before. it's 3 am right now so yeah. In this project, i used camera texture in image texture.

    If you only want the head only, you can use segmentation

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  • Thanks for that.  I tried your example and it was rejected.  Thanks anyways.

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  • Did you try publish the project as a new project so it's only the ones in that example project that gets published?

    Or did you try the example in your own project and published?

    Also, can you try change your lens name to "radio" for example?

    if that made sense ^

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