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Chroma Key Shader / Material

  • Please make this work for video ... if it doesn't already.

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  • Hi Stephen! This material works with videos and gifs too! 

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  • This is brilliant thank you so much!

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  • This is brilliant thank you so much!

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  • no link~

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  • Hi All,

    this is awesome. I am running into a problem, maybe you could hint me out:

    I would like to access the videotexture (mp4) via script to control the play.
    I cannot seem to address it like I usually do with Asset.Texture.videoTexture


    Any Ideas?

    Thank you people


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  • Hi eL Be,

    Can you show us your current script so i know what's missing or went wrong?

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  • Hi n-mikael,

    i messed around so much that in the end I have deleted the script; but basically i tried to access the videoTexture like this:

    //var myAnimation = mySpriteVisual.mainMaterial.mainPass.baseTex.control;

    I eded up with errors that said it "couldnt adress mainPass to undefined" or something like that.
    Which tells me for some reason the texture of the chromekey material wasn´t accessible.
    also what i experienced was that before the mp4 texture was playing, my imageplane was just white (which was the color of my "mainColor" of the material)
    My plan is to stop the animation on first frame and then on tap play it once. that´s it. An imagesequence is not an option(size is too big), even though that functionality works as i need it.
    Do you have any idea?
    Thank you for looking into my problem.
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  • Hey n-mikael,

    I tried again today and prepared my Problem in some screenshots.

    I applied the same script twice, one object has the chromaKeyMat 


    the other one has the default Mat. both carry the same mp4 Texture.


    The Default VideoTexture is controllable, the other one not.Can you Please help me? 

    Here´s the script


    // Control2DAnimation.js

    // Version: 0.0.1

    // Event: Lens Initialized

    // Description: Plays VideoTextures on trigger with delayTimeOption


    //@ui {"widget":"separator"}

    // @input string animationTrigger = TouchStartEvent { "widget": "combobox", "values": [ { "label": "Brows Lowered", "value": "BrowsLoweredEvent" }, { "label": "Brows Raised", "value": "BrowsRaisedEvent" }, { "label": "Brows Returned To Normal", "value": "BrowsReturnedToNormalEvent" }, { "label": "Face Found", "value": "FaceFoundEvent" }, { "label": "Face Lost", "value": "FaceLostEvent" }, { "label": "Kiss Finished", "value": "KissFinishedEvent" }, { "label": "Kiss Started", "value": "KissStartedEvent" }, { "label": "Mouth Closed", "value": "MouthClosedEvent" }, { "label": "Mouth Opened", "value": "MouthOpenedEvent" }, { "label": "Smile Finished", "value": "SmileFinishedEvent" }, { "label": "Smile Started", "value": "SmileStartedEvent" }, { "label": "Touch Start", "value": "TouchStartEvent" }, { "label": "Touch End", "value": "TouchEndEvent" }, { "label": "Tap", "value": "TapEvent" } ] }


    //@input SceneObject mySceneObject

    //@input Component.Image myObject

    //@input Asset.Texture myTex

    //@input float delayTime


    var loops = 1;

    var myVideo = script.myTex.control;

    var myScript = script.mySceneObject.getFirstComponent("ScriptComponent");




    var delayEvent = script.createEvent("DelayedCallbackEvent");



    //After Delay call startAnimation function

    function startCountdown(){





    var animationTriggerEvent = script.createEvent(script.animationTrigger);




    function startAnimation() {

    //play 2D Animation


    killScript(); //<- so I put it here


    if(myVideo.getStatus() == VideoStatus.Stopped){


    killScript(); //<-does not work




    function killScript(){




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  • Hi,

    Sorry for late response.

    Can you try "behavior script" to see if that solves the problem?

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  • Thanks for the tutorial! It was very helpful :D




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  • This is great, but how to apply this to the camera input?? It seems to only work with objects. I wanted to have chromakey on the camera.

    I know I could use the segmentation template for a virtual chromakey, but that's too heavy on the CPU and I already have a green screen on my background.

    I appreciate your help, thanks.

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