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  • Hi, 

    Just to address some points:

    - What do you mean by "still no improvement"? I think within the past year there has been a lot of innovation within Lens Studio and the community. There's been huge updates to the program.

    - With the frequent usage of Snapchat lenses, 1M views isn't that much. This isn't to put down your work, but lenses can get viral very quickly and earn one million within a few days. So it wouldn't make much sense to give out verified accounts to anyone who achieves this. I know people who just made one lens for the fun of it and it went viral. They then never opened the application ever again. It just doesn't make sense to award verification for this. 

    - Yes, public profiles aren't special. If you are over 18+ you can make one. They're just for people who want to get discovered, grow a following, etc. 

    - That being said, being a verified lens creator is special. A few years ago, consistently making LUTs or face masks would get you verified. However, now that we have significantly better technology in Lens Studio, the bar has been raised. There are very impressive 3D Lenses, ML, and etc. being made everyday. Hence why not everyone is receiving verification. It takes a significantly greater amount of effort to receive the gold star now than it was before. 

    I understand your frustration. Sometimes it's not very clear as to who gets verified and who doesn't. I just hope you know that I really do enjoy your lenses and I think you have remarkable potential. Please don't let it go to waste all for a gold star. You are a great person and worthy whether or not you will be verified or not. All my love x

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  • no no no lol read all what I said I never said gold star, all im saying is that lens studio should just notice out effort and give us creator features to differentiate us from regular snapchatters im wasn't talking about the gold star I know getting the gold star takes a lot of works just want to be noticed thats all cause u feel like lens studio don't see all some of us send here because they are so many lens creator all I ask for is to get noticed I love making lenses I started making lens because it was fun and I was curious how they make lol so I just started making it and I loved it.



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  • Less than one year I reached more than 360+ millions.

    Views are not the only thing to get you verified.
    Remember that lens studio team are looking for the good and great talented people who are good in graphic design 3D model, snapMl etc ..

    Keep your hardworking increasing by making new great lenses of the requirements their looking for

    Good luck

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  • Hi, Thanks for asking i would like to recommend you to please Scale a SaaS your account to get more views and more traffic.

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  • Please explain

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