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Lens Rejected - No answer

  • Bro.. Among US is a game created by someone else right so the graphic u used is their copyrighted content andd the tappable button i think tht too is also copyrighted i faced this same issue until i removed any copyrighted content of someone's it kept on rejecting so try to re-create the among us character

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  • Yes :/

    Thats why i asked what exactly is being copyrighted in my email to the support team.

    I mean the name "among us" are just english words. If the textures are copyrighted i would just paint them myself. But iam not sure if its gets rejected. Thats why iam waiting for an email.

    But thanks very much, i think i should updating it again with other textures.

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  • Yesterday i updated the lens with textures i made to 100% and it still got rejected, i wrote an email again :/ 

    Idk where the problem is, i drew everything for myself now and still gets rejected.

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  • Creating everything yourself does not mean you are not infringing copyright. I know there are Among Us lenses currently up and getting lots of views, so the review system/process is definitely not perfect. Even if I drew Mickey Mouse myself and put that in a lens, Disney (and probably Snap) wouldn't be okay with that because he is not my character.

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  • I didnt know that, thanks for letting me know mike! :D

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  • Sure thing; copyright isn't always straightforward. It would be cool if lenses could be flagged as 'fan art' rather than getting taken down. I think in most cases fan art is okay unless the creator is profiting off of it, but it starts to cross into murky territory and I think Snap would rather not deal with that. And part of their business is creating branded lenses, so if those types of lenses exist from the community it would probably dig into their business. There's obviously a huge appetite for lenses like that, but most copyright holders seem to lack the time, resources, and/or interest to create the lenses themselves so everyone is left empty-handed.

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  • Yes, thats absolutely true!

    Maybe it will change in the future, we will see xD

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  • I updated it with this png , hopefully it wont get rejected this time, as this distinguishes fundamental from anything of among us.


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