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exporting tensorflow model using tutorial results in errors

  • Hi Char Stiles,

    Do you mind sharing your current frozen graph model before optimization? Also may I know what's current model size before optimization? Normally the optimization step only removes inference irrelevant nodes and may not decrease the model size by a lot.




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  • Hello @EricHu,

    Thank you for your comment. I ended up abandoning this and switching to pytorch and that worked for me. I can still get you my pb if you'd like

    I was able to get my pytorch onnx into lens studio and it compatible, but I see a black screen when I hook it up. It is too big atm, I just want to get the model in then I can make it smaller. But now you say it, I am wondering does the model have to be less than 10MB for it to even run in Lens studio? Is that the reason Im seeing a black screen? I thought maybe it was because my onnx is NCWH and Lens studio needs NWHC, but I didnt see anything about that being required in the pytorch export page. 

    anyways this really should be its own question. Thank you for your time.

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  • Hi Char Stiles,

    Glad that it worked for ONNX. Nonetheless, It would be great if you can provide your TensorFlow frozen graph so that we can improve importer compatibility on Lens Studio side. Yes we have a pretty strict size limit right now mainly because we are running lenses on phones with different capabilities and computational powers. If the model goes too large, it may be very laggy and hurt user experience. For black screen it may be a separate issue that needs more information and investigation.



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  • Hi,

    Here are my frozen graphs:

    All of them I added names to the first and last node. The first node I named is placeholder, which i think means its actual name is placeholder:0 the output I named output, meaning output:0 

    Im not sure if there is a difference between withcheckpoints and withnames frozengraph.

    I included the ASCII frozen graph, as I couldnt figure out any of the ways to display the graph listed on the tutorial, but that is more of a me problem. 



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