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[Tutorial] Mini Game 01 -- Infinite Instantiation, Timer, and Randomization

  • Nice! I'm definitely gonna try something!


    Keep up the good work with lens studio 3.0!

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  • HI.

    I would like to thank you for your help and Tutorial.

    I'm not able to access to the file? I have an error 404 :( Access not allowed.




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  • Hi Laurent !


    I have updated the links, should be good now! Sorry about the inconvenience.

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  • Hello, thanks a lot for this tutorial. Is it possible to do the same for creating objects for the World Lens?

    Please tell me how to do this?

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  • Hi @...,

    The logic for creating objects for world lens would be the same as this. You'll just need to create an object in 3D space and use getWorldPosition() instead.


    Happy creating!

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  • Thank you so much 

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  • HI.

    this great lesson 

    i will try to apply


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  • Hi @...

    you r such a good teacher...i will sure make this game in future

    try my new snap filter

    and please help me to be verified as i made almost 30+ 3d ar lenses and 2 games total views is 300 million and total snapchat play time is greater than 200+ days

    Thank You !!

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  • Hi Nico!


    Thanks for the tutorial. Can you pls explain where you apply the textures of the cookies?


    Thank you,


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  • Hi Sara Orfali


    To apply texture to a Screen Image object, just click on the screen image and go to its inspector, under the Texture field just drag in any custom texture you have!

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  • Hai Nico


    Thanks for tutorial;. can u help me please?

    Script ObjectPrefab

    var currentpos = screenTransform.anchors.getCenter();

    [Scenarium] TypeError: cannot read property 'anchors' of null
    at [anon] (Script/ObjectPrefab.js:9) preventsyield


    Script ObjectSpawner

    var myScreenPos = screenTransform.anchors.getCenter();

    [Scenarium] TypeError: cannot read property 'anchors' of null
    at [anon] (Script/ObjectPrefab.js:9) preventsyield


    Thank u

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  • Hi 6_Kurnivan Noer Yusvianto


    For this error, the property screenTransform was not declared and defined so Lens Studio returns an error when you try to use screenTransform without defining it. If you add this line above that it should work:

    var screenTransform = script.getSceneObject().getComponent("Component.ScreenTransform");

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  • Hi Nico, 

    Thanks for the tutorial! I seem to get this error (all I've done so far is add image objects, make a prefab and started adding to ObjectSpawner script) when calling spawnObject(). Are we supposed to do something with the ObjectPrefab script? There doesnt seem to be any mention of it at the stage im at apart from adding it to resources and adding to the object prefab image object (it is blank as far as instructions go at this stage):

    00:33:39 [Scenarium] SyntaxError: invalid token (line 2)

        at [anon] (ObjectSpawner.js:2) internal
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  • Did anybody find a work around on creating a prefab and adjusting the script? I'm having trouble putting in my objects for the prefab spawn. 

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