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Adding Lens to prerecorded video

  • Hey!

    I think doing it the way someone suggested is the best way at the moment. I have been doing it myself and I had no problems with any dropped frames.

    Are the frames being dropped in manycam/camtwist or are they being dropped in the OBS recording?

    If the problem occurs in OBS I think I will be able to help you. Maybe you could send your computer specifications here? That would give more insight to what might be going wrong.

    Hope we can figure this out together!

    ~Ian (ru.ian)


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  • thank you! Great, glad to know I'm generally on the right track. Here are my specs:

    Macbook pro

    2.9 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5

    8gb ram,

    Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB

    Hard to tell where the dropped frames come from. Sending from Camtwist to Snap Camera is pretty smooth. Upping everything to 1080p and sending to OBS causes my system to crawl. It's probably just a matter of rendering on a more powerful machine?

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  • Yeah, I have a feeling that the machine has a hard time recording footage in 1080p.

    Maybe you could try and downscale the output resolution to 1280 x 720 (if 720p would be acceptable aswell) You can do so if you go to Settings -> Video -> Output (Scaled) Resolution.

    You could also try to lower the FPS to 30 if you are trying to record in 60 FPS. Which can be done on that screen aswell.

    If that doesn't work you could try playing around with the bitrate of the Video, lowering that might help a little too. Although the footage wouldn't look as good anymore..

    You can do that here:

    Also please check your Task Manager when recording, maybe your GPU or CPU might be overloaded as it's an older machine.

    Hopefully this helps.

    If it doesn't, I can offer you to send me the files and tell me the Lens you want to use and I will try to record the Footage for you :)

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  • This is so helpful, thank you! I'm going to work through this now. I'll get back. 

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  • No Problem! Hopefully it works! :) Good Luck!

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  • Sorry to resurrect but I have the same goal and decided on the same method as you (ManyCam->Snap Camera->OBS) to achieve it.

    Am also getting dropped frames and I have a fairly powerful rendering machine.

    I would be happy to render the source video out at a low FPS and then run it through this pipeline to put less demand on Snap Camera before re-rendering it at 25 or 30 fps afterwards.

    Still working on it but one potential issue is that I can't get ManyCam's output to show as anything less than 30fps no matter what internal settings are picked or what framerate the video file is.

    Did you get any further since your last post?

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  • Rendering at 720p helped. But on my weaker MacBook pro, i haven't gotten great results. Editors working on windows PCs have had better luck.

    One idea I had, was to slow the video clip down in premiere to 50%. Then run it through that pipeline. Re-import into premiere and speed it back up to blow past the dropped frames. Haven't tried yet. 

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  • I'm working on a script to go frame-by-frame to apply lenses. Not all lenses are compatible with this method, but this script may be useful. It does get off by a frame and occasionally there are mismatches, but it's the closest I've been able to get so far.

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