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Head Tilt - Left / Right

  • Hi Jonathon, 

    What effect are you trying to trigger with the head tilt? Are you asking if the Lens will still track and apply to the head as it moves? If the face is still facing front, the head can tilt. However, if the face goes in profile, the Lens will not apply to the face correctly. 




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  • What I'm trying to do is detect if this users head tilts left or right for a custom script. There will be a different function triggered depending on the direction of the head tilt.

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  • HI, Jonathon!

    Here is a super simple script you could start with:

    //@input Component.Head head 
    //@input float threshold = 0.2 {"widget" : "slider", "min" : 0, "max" : 1, "step" : 0.01}

    var headTransform = script.head.getSceneObject().getTransform();
    const eps = 0.1;
    var State = { "NONE": 0, "LEFT": 1, "RIGHT": 2 };
    var currentState = State.None;
    var x;


    function onUpdate() {
        if (script.head.getFacesCount() > 0) {
            x = headTransform.up.x;
            if (Math.abs(x) < eps) {
                if (currentState != State.NONE) {
                    currentState = State.NONE;
            } else if (x < -script.threshold) {
                if (currentState != State.LEFT) {
                    currentState = State.LEFT;
            } else if (x > script.threshold) {
                if (currentState != State.RIGHT) {
                    currentState = State.RIGHT;
        } else {
            if (currentState != State.NONE) {
                currentState = State.NONE;

    function onLeft() {

    function onRight() {

    function onLost() {
        print("Head Lost")

    function onCenter() {
        print("Back to center");

    Please create head Binding and set it as an input of this script.



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  • Hello, 


    Thank you for taking the time to help out! ...  I tested this script but it doesn't quite work. 


    It only triggers when I look to my right... however it triggers right and then triggers left when the head is returning to normal position.


    The effect I'm looking for is imagine 2 cards at the top left and top right of the screen...  user needs to nod upward and to the left or upward and to the right to indicate which card they have chosen.

    So it's important that the direction is only triggered once to indicate what choice was made.

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  • Hi! I've updated script above to use threshold. Please tweak the value as needed. 

    Let me know if that works!



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  • Hi :) There seems to be a problem with this script that once you have tilted either right or left that you cannot tilt the same way again for it to call the on direction function. E.g. if you have tilted left once, you cannot tilt left again until you have tilted and triggered a call to onRight()

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  • Hi, Balraj Bains! You are right! I've added a couple lines to the script above to support that, let me know if that works!

    Also if you come up with more robust solution - feel free to share it with the community! 



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  • Thank you Olha! I think I had the same solution :)

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  • Olha Thank you for the code which works perfectly. Can I trouble you to explain how using the head Transform's up directional vector can get you the rotation of the head on the z-axis?

    x = headTransform.up.x
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  • Hi, GOWAAA!  Thank you! 

    The UP vector is a normalized vector of a head transform that is pointing up 

    In this case threshold setting represents an absolute value of |sinA| that corresponds to angle of approximately 11 degrees

    You can easily modify script to make inputs more understandable :

    //@input float angle {"widget" : "slider", "min" : 0, "max" : 90, "step" : 0.1}
    script.threshold = Math.abs(Math.sin(script.angle / 180 * Math.PI))

    BTW this asset is available on the Asset Library now!




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