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[Example Project] Freeze Multiple Cameras

  • By the way, fun fact, because each section of the Lens is using its own camera, each frame can have its own effects!

    You can do this by setting up each camera with its own layer, and placing the effects on each layer. 


    First select the camera object in the Objects panel, then in the Inspector panel, we can add a new layer for it to render.  

    Then, select the object you want to display in that camera, and in the top right corner of the Inspector panel, you can select the same layer:

    Now that object should only be rendered on that camera, and that's it :)





    Double, by the way, you can simplify this by enabling the layer indicator in the Objects panel. 

    You can double check by checking the layer color:

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  • Great tutorial Jonathan!

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  • Jonathan, if we use the image picker instead of the camera itself as the source for each frame the lens gets rejected with: “lens must use the camera”. Can you elaborate on that rejection and how do get through it?

    Thanks you

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  • Thank you Noah!


    Hey Marco,

    Snapchat Lenses are AR experiences that transform the way you look, and the world around you. If you replace each segment with an image picker, then the Snapchat Camera wouldn’t be transforming the moment, but rather editing a photo from the past.

    To ensure your Lens use the Snapchat Camera, simply ensure the Image Picker Functionality only works when the Snapchatter's face is present on screen. That way the Lens will not allow for a full-screen takeover of the Snap showcasing just a user’s camera roll content.



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  • Hi Jonathan,

     I understand you explanation and I've also seen Neha give the same talk on multiple posts on the forum around this topic. The problem is the reviewers will always reject the lens even if I do what you said about only showing the image picker when the face is present. I have multiple rejections with this issue and here is an example lens id that is rejected: 26066ab0-f5e4-4d4e-9454-b18f1fc73053



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  • So maybe sync up internally with the review team and make sure they have this instruction?


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  • Hi Marco,

    Thanks for sharing that LensID. I will reach out and provide your feedback to the review team on their decision.



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  • Hey Marco,

    The review team took a second look and the Lens should be approved now. We appreciate your patience and feedback on our systems as we work to ensure a positive and inclusive experience for Snapchatters around the world through our Lens product.

    Thank you,

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  • Jonathan,


     I just went through a lot of work to modify your template to work with the face image picker instead of the live camera feed.

     Now that I got it working guess what happens? Rejected for "Lenses should utilize the Snapchat camera when taking Snaps"

     All my lens does is ask the user to select 2 pictures which it shows on 2 small squares on the screen keeping the camera 95% visible.

    This is lens id: "b7bad5fb-0e1e-48da-ae1e-b8bc0c43f88d"


     Will you please once again talk to the review team to not reject these lenses when we're following your exact instructions?



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