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Shiny plasticy glassy face

  • Hey Ramus,

    Yes you need to have a Face mesh to create the same effects. We have a template called Face Mesh which it has 4 different use case for the face mesh.

    One of the examples called Shiny Face which is the exact thing that you're looking for + it has a script that will rotate the ENVMAP which I explain later in this.

    You can see the video tutorial here:

    To explain the effect in depth.

    This effect achieved by getting the reflection of the environment map(ENVMAP) into the face mesh.

    First you need to find or make a good ENVMAP. You can have your file exported from photoshop as a .HDR file format.

    With this file format when you drag and drop the file into the resources panel it automatically creates a ENVMAP for you.

    ENVMAP contains two file which you can see in the gif below:

    To change the Environment map being used, select the Light object which has a type of ENVMAP and replace the parameters with the environment map textures that were generated by the file we just imported.

    Then all you need to do is to create a Simple PBR material by clicking on Add new -> Simple PBR in the Resources panel.

    Then assign the recently created material to the Face Mesh object.

    Next, select the simple PBR and change the Blend mode to Add and also set the Color on the Base Color to a black color.

    Now you have a shiny face!

    You can add opacity mask too to make the edges more smoothed.

    Face Mesh template comes with different set of opacity mask which you can use in your project file.

    Hope this will help you to create the effect.

    If you want to learn more about face mesh you can follow the guide linked below:





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  • Hi Rasmus, 

    We can help you create this Lens with a few more details in a private message. Please look out for an email from Zendesk. 



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  • Hi Amir

    Great help. Thanks

    I've actually already tried most of the above steps, but I couldn't seem to get the desired effect.

    Is all the magic in the ENV MAP? Is there a guide to making these somewhere or just some pointers? (DOS ad DONTS)

    Is it possible to get hold of the custom map you use in this example?

    Thanks again



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  • Hey Ramus,

    Lens Studio comes with some Environment Map that you can choose from.

    In the Resources panel just look for Environment Map and select one from the list.

    Also you can find so many HDR maps online.

    If you have an access to Photoshop you can export any image as .HDR too! just make sure the right side and left side of your image are tillable.


    Also the one that used in my example is Speakeasy from Lens Studio and the other one from the template is I made that in Photoshop just by putting a light image in the black background.


    Hope this will make sense and let me know if you have any questions.



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  • You can also use Simple Reflection located inside the PBR material.

    Just check that check box and you can assign any texture to it!

    In this case you dont need to worry about the Environment map.

    Hope this will help you.



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