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Lens copyright violation... need help

  • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you aren't going to have this pushed through.  I too had something similar happen to me.  I had published a sponsored lens to showcase a specific event.  I did not make it.  I did not submit with enough time.  I learned the hard way you need to submit several days in advance (at minimum 2).  The minimum is 2 but I would suggest maybe 3 or even 4.  I also learned that this forum is not as fast as some of us may like.  Even if you get a response you may still not get the answer you need/want.  Having said that I would fully expect this not to be resolved by Thursday.  If it is great!  I am happy for you but I would not expect it.

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  • Hey Dominique, thanks for sharing your experience... i am hoping for the best on this and having this not been the first time this has happened to me I am hoping snap figures out a better way to vet lenses in the future. I have lobbied for the companies I work for (a few national sneaker retailers) to adopt lenses for in-store marketing and whatnot but if we can't reliably publish these things, we may have to wait until the platform can handle copyright claims before continuing with these ar campaigns.

    Please mods get back to me on this... i would hate to see this campaign go down because of a false copyright claim.

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  • Hi Colin,

    Happy to help! 

    I'll follow up with you directly. 



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  • I also faced the similar issue last week someone copied my lens style and I also reported about it on this link you can see here.

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