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Lens error, but none seen in log

  • Hey Stephen,

    Have you tried pairing your Lens to your device and playing around with the Lens yet? Depending on your Lens, you can try tapping, moving the object, etc, but it looks like it may be crashing when the Lens is on device.


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  • Of course.  I've been doing lot's of that.  No crashing here on an old iphone 6.  Steady 29fps.

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  • Hi Stephen,

    Have you tried taking snaps too? Videos, Photos, Flipping Camera, etc?


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  • Yes, all that works with no crashing.

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  • Hey Stephen,

    I'll follow up in another thread with you to see if we can figure out what is causing the Lens to crash.


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  • Hey,

    My lens is doing the exact same thing. Logger shows nothing, but continue to receive the message:

    The update of this Lens is invalid
    This Lens has errors. Please open the Preview panel and check the log output

    My lens ID: 128fa03e-8d9c-492e-b225-7f3cd7bde18e

    Thanks for any help you can provide @Kaitlyn

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  • Hey Colin,

    Do you have any custom javascript in your lens or animated materials?  I have 2 other lenses that are very similar to the one I am having the issue with.  The only difference is some graphical things and a script for swapping a material.  Also, the one material is animated like this...


    And here is the material swapping code...


    // @input SceneObject hornL

    // @input SceneObject hornR

    // @input Asset.Material aniMat

    // @input Asset.Material staticMat




    var h1 = script.hornL.getFirstComponent("Component.MeshVisual")

    var h2 = script.hornR.getFirstComponent("Component.MeshVisual")



    var anievent = script.createEvent("BrowsRaisedEvent");

    anievent.faceIndex = 0;

    anievent.bind(function (eventData)


    h1.mainMaterial = script.aniMat;

    h2.mainMaterial = script.aniMat;




    var event = script.createEvent("BrowsLoweredEvent");

    event.faceIndex = 0;

    event.bind(function (eventData)


    h1.mainMaterial = script.staticMat;

    h2.mainMaterial = script.staticMat;





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  • Hey Stephen,

    The problem resolved itself... I resubmitted the exact same lens and it is now reading as "Live" and the Error Log message is no more.

    To answer your question though, I do have custom JS which changes the texture (and 3D model) when the user taps.

    Hope everyone else can get there lens pushed through!

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  • Yeah, I just tried again here, and it works now.  Maybe they fixed something on their end, and we just haven't heard back yet.

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