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FBX import orientation/displacement

  • Hey Richard,

    In your 3DS Max scene, is your object's transform frozen? Be sure to check out our guide on exporting FBX files from 3DS Max:

    If you can share a screenshot of your export settings, that would help us troubleshoot your import issues.



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  • Hi Peter,

    I'm not familiar with Transforms being able to be frozen - what do you mean?

    I rebuilt the scene in 3DS in the World Coord System in case it was that  - it wasn't. I'm happy to send you the MAX file if that will help

    screen shots of export settings below.


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  • @peter I can supply you with the MAX file if you wish?

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  • Hi Richard,

    I just wanted to follow up with you on this issue. Are you still having trouble properly exporting your model?



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  • I am having the same issue with exports from Maya. It is an issue with pivots or some breakdown in the hierarchy. I'd love answers as well.

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  • Hi Michael,

    Is the model you're trying to export animated? Any details you can provide would be helpful in troubleshooting this issue.




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  • Hi Peter, 

    any ideas yet? 


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  • Hi Richard,

    Did you try using the 3DS Max command 'Reset XForm' on each object in your hierarchy?

    Give that a shot before exporting and let me know how it looks in Lens Studio.



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  • I figured out my issue on Maya. You need to match all the pivots of every object and group before you export. So if you unfold everything in the outliner (and it will take the pivot of the last thing selected so use that if you have a desired pivot), then go to Modify -> Match Transformations -> Match pivots, then they all will have the same pivot point. I also then Bake Pivots to reset everything once more. Once Exported, the new FBX imported fine when it comes to the model jumble. It still does odd things with materials but nothing you cant fix in Lens Studio. 

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  • OMG you are a true life saver !!!
    it works when you export from 3ds max the fbx, doing your manipulation in maya and re-export. all pivots are corrects in lens studio. but i truly don't understand why it don't works from 3ds max even if you copy paste the same coordinates values from pivot parents to childs objetcs in a group/dummy .

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