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Simple transform animations exported from C4D to fbx not animating in Lens Studio

  • can you share everything so can help you better 

    were you trying to make the dice move down? you could just script a cube in lense studio to do that

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  • So the dice thing was just a simple animation I used to test how to import C4D animations into lensstudio. I've been trying to import this animation with C4D dynamics and haven't been having luck, burned in the keyframes and everything. The whole cube is just supposed to rotate and it's not animating in the program. 

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  • to rotate you could just script it sine its just a cube withe texture.

    still feel free to share everything so can see maybe whats happening


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  •  Cool thanks, yeah the issue is I want to be able to import complex C4D animations and not have to do it studio. What more info would be helpful besides the photos of my process?

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  • I used rigid bodies gravity etc and that seemd to go straight through ok,

    are using particles cause yea thats real pain in the arse

    send your c4d file

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  • hey colin have requested access to help yo out :)


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  • Ack my bad! Should be working now

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  • let me look over lunch :)


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  • your so close...

    your project is bit messy try to clean it up it will help

    but you just needed  this on your tube to call animation and the right layer and it works fine

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  • It looks like that's what I did already? Selected the tube under animation example in objects and the inspector already looked like that.

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  • Thanks so much for the help

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  • Hey guys! Thanks so much for the help, do you guys have time to give me any updates? Thanks!!

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  • sorry fella got swamped let me share the updated project later this afternoon

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  • Thanks so much not a worry

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  • tips: 

    the original Idle Anime Layer is: BaseLayer

    try rewrite it to: Layer0

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