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Rules on profanity are absolute rubbish

  • Hey Saed,

    Our guidelines were designed to encourage the broadest range of creativity and self-expression possible, while making sure that Snapchatters can enjoy playing with Lenses safely. Our user base includes teenagers (as young as 13), nonagenarians, and everyone in between. Lens creators are responsible for ensuring that their Lenses are suitable for Snapchatters ages 13+. As such, we prohibit content like obscene language or imagery, or profanity to make our platform safe and enjoyable for everyone.

    We're addressing enforcing our rules in a couple of ways right now:

    1. Snapchatters can report Lenses from the community by tapping the small flag in the upper left-hand corner of the Lens information pop-up (what you see when you scan the Lens’ Snapcode or tap the ‘i’ button above the Lens.

    2. Some Lenses based on usage are also reviewed proactively. From here, if necessary, the team can take action -- from deactivating a Snapcode, to suspending or banning a user.

    We appreciate your concern.


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  • Great answer Kaitlyn, I swear like a trooper but I personally dont let that in my work I want all to enjoy, and want my work to hold as quality not blue and toilet trash.

    But I could see an argument for Rating system ...similar to apples app store quick survey and it gives ti age bracket so that if you do create something (maybe a zombie shooting lense for haloween) its  can be assigned to an appropriate age group? could we add to the feature request please

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  • Thats actually a pretty good idea Patrick, if snaps are found to be innapropro for a few ages then their can be a restriction placed based on the birthdate info you give when you sign up for snap, therefore adults or people above the age of 18 can use those filters and people who are not registered as 18 or above are not. This would stop alot of anguish over lenses i have seen on other communities such as reddit 

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  • Great idea guys - I'll add this request to our Feature Request list!

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