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Problems importing DEFORMER animation from Cinema 4d

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  • as you can see there are no actual deformers left in the scene and the animation is baked. 


    there are 3 deformations in total. a jiggle, bend and a bulge. 

     i export as FBX using these settings. 



    the end result is this 


    essentially it looks like it only recognised the first frame of deformation, but no more. 

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  • Hey Simon,

    I was just trying this a few days ago with no luck, and after I did some digging, I found out that Lens Studio doesn't support Point Level Animation (PLA)... yet. So all your baked geometry frames won't import properly into Lens Studio. Sadly, that means that the only "deformer" that will work exported from C4D is the skin deformer using a traditional bone structure. I hope that they implement PLA soon, because this will mean us C4D users can do fun things like jiggles, bends, twists, much more easily with deformers.

    For now, you can get clever with where your bones are, and how they're weighted in your bendy objects - and even add bones for the "jiggles" and "bulges," and see where that gets you!

    Best of luck.


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  • Hello Simon,

    At this time Lens Studio is not supporting PLA(Vertex Animation), we added the PLA(Vertex animation) in the Lens Studio's feature requests.

    You can create the same animation using the rig system in Cinema4D which is supported by Lens Studio.



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  • Thanks so much for all your help guys. Bones it is then! 

    speculatively how long do we think until the next release to include PLA animation? 

    all the best 


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    Thought you might like to see how i got on. I had to cheat and animate a simple scale property. Unfortunately didn't see your comments in time. But its not a final version, im sure the client will want amendments. Ill most certainly re-visit with bones. 

    Thanks again

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  • Dang dude! Nice work on those dynamics. Do those transfer over well to FBX, or did you have to bake them out a certain way?

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  • Actually they work just great.. I did have problems at first as id used an emitter object with a bunch of models as children of the emitter each with dynamics tags... I wasn't able to bake the dynamics from the emitter. The solution was to use a cloner object as a child of the emitter and the models as a child of the cloner. (hope your following) :) thus each clone was a mograph object and able too be baked.  As long as you bake the hell out of everything it will normally work :) .. theres a few ways to achieve it. But i use NitroBake plugin. It does most things in one click.

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  • Sweet! Thanks for the tips.

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  • Following up here to this long post, but we do now support vertex/ PLA animation! Check out how to add in this guide here.

    Happy Creating,

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