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Skinned FBX shows strange texture glitch

  • Hey Rocky,

    I would suggest to check your normals on the rigged mesh and make sure it's facing the right direction.

    If it did not work for you, can you please share your rigged model.




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  • hi Amir,

    thanks for your reply.  I have confirmed the normals are facing the correct direction, and the glitch is still happening.  I tried a few different things with the mesh before exporting.  I also experimented a bit with the material in Lens Studio to no avail.  I have attached a screenshot of several different cylinders with different workflows.  The screenshot shows what each cylinder looks like in Lens Studio, each cylinder's 3DS Max workflow, and the FBX export settings.  You can see in the "Lens Studio" area of the image that the UVW Unwrap modifier seems to be what is creating the texture glitch in Lens Studio (although you can see the number 2 skinned cylinder without the unwrap also is slightly glitched).  Unfortunately, the UVW Unwrap modifier is necessary to have the textures where they need to be.  (I have also attached the 3DS Max 2017 working file).

    3DS Max 2017 working file: 

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  • Thanks for sharing the model.

    We're gonna investigate with the development team and I will keep you posted.



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  • this type of artifacts could also have to do with wrong smoothing groups. You could try to make them all the same smoothing group, just to see if the problem persists. Or use the autosmooth modifier to try to solve it.

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  • Hi Jelmer,

    thank you for your reply.  I experimented a bit with smoothing groups like you suggested.  I tried three different smoothing group combinations on skinned cylinders:

    • All polygons as group 01
    • All vertical polygons (sides) as group 01 and horizontal polygons (top and bottom) as group 02.
    • Sides as group 01, top group 02, and bottom group 03

    All three of these tests showed the same results as before (like cylinder 1, 4, 5, and 6 in above screenshot).

    I've put this project on a soft hold until I hear back from Amir, but thank you for your help!  If anybody else has any ideas I'd love to try them out.


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  • I wanted to follow up on this thread because I found a work-around for this issue.  It is not the most optimized workflow, but it produced the results I was looking for.  There may be more to it, but basically the visual glitch was being created when the skinned mesh had visible surfaces that had more than 4 edges (like the top of this cylinder).

    To solve this, I created an inset with 0 value on those polygons.  After this, the skin still applied to the new vertices, and even if the glitch was still there, it was in 0 space so it was not visible in the final Lens.


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