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Shadow for 2D Sprite?

  • We currently don't have support for real time shadows that are casted by the silhouette of a 2D texture. I've add this to our list of feature requests. In the meantime, your idea is the best way to accomplish the effect. First, create an animation of the shadow that's the same time & number of frames as your primary animation. Then, create a sprite perpendicular to the primary 2D sprite and set its texture to the animated shadow. The shadow animation texture can likely be lower resolution than your primary animation to help save space in your Lens. 

    Looking forward to see what you come up with!

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  • All I can think of is to duplicate your 3D plane with the sequence an use a secondary material where you use only the alpha channel to fake a shadow.

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  • Thanks Rob. I had tried that but it's not a convincing shadow as it shows the character's detail. But you did confirm that I was doing it right but need to find a different method. One idea i have is to bake the shadow in with the exported PNG sequence. Thanks bro.

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  • Awesome - thanks Travis. I was successful using the method in fact. Quite easy to do. I use Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) for most of my animations ( and was able to duplicate my animated character, skew it and flatten it with a 30% alpha black color. I've updated my Dancing Santa lens and it's perfect :)

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  • Wow!  That looks great!  I'd love to see a detailed breakdown of your process if you plan on making one! I am an after effects animator by trade, and this really intrigues me with some of the character animation tools there are out there...  Leveraging 2D animators for AR technology is something that is a hard thing to see an integration with sometimes. 

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  • Thanks Topher - which btw is a nickname some friends refer to me as :)

    A breakdown of the process is a great idea. I basically animated the character in Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash) and exported it as a PNG sequence. That got imported into Lens Studio and built from there. I plan on doing more. An easter bunny may be next...

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  • That turned out so great Chris! Looking forward to seeing more :D

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  • Also, forgot to mention, you totally should enter the Lens Studio challenge!

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  • Thank you Travis! Love the challenge! I may just enter!

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