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"Enhancing" Education through SnapAR

  • I forgot to share the Lens link because of how excited I am to share my latest lens with you 😅



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  • Lovely

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  • Thank you Mrops11 for passing by and your "lovely" comment :-) 

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  • Wow I love this filter! It's such a great idea, and I love that the diagram is 3D and you can scale it yourself. Those features are so important when it comes to learning how the organs look accurately.

    You've inspired me to create some educational lenses now! And I'm not too active on Twitter so thank you for sharing this! 

    I have some suggestions though, I think you may have a few typos:

    • "Pancrease" should be "Pancreas"
    • I think maybe you meant "Liver" instead of "Lever" ?
    • Also, I'm not sure if "Gaster" and "Billlaris" are common English words. Or maybe I've just never heard of them. Can you possibly use different words?
    • I think "Gaster" might be highlighting the stomach and intestines, another word for that could be the "Gastrointestinal tract" (can anyone verify this?)
    • I'm having trouble finding an alternative to "Billlaris." Mostly because I'm not good with Anatomy... so it shows how needed this lens is!! Perhaps did you mean "Gallbladder" ?
    • Lastly, can you rename this filter? "Educational AR" is a bit broad. I think using the term "Anatomy" would be great! Something along the lines of "Anatomy Lesson" or whatever you think is best

    But please don't let this discourage you! I wanted to give you these suggestions because I think this is a great lens and will help a lot of people (including me) learn some Anatomy! 

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  • THAAAANK You haay_ley for your precious feedback and comments!


    You will not believe how this uplifted me as I did put so much effort into it (and was starting to be sad seeing no comments/feedback here) but your comment made it up and just gave me a push to keep working toward this kind of AR work.

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  • Regarding the suggestion (thanks again) and about the typos: I had a doubt about the names especially that my first language isn't English, so I took most of them from other 3D model which named every part.


    I think my mistake is that I researched each part name individually and to the name, I thought is correct, will look for a unified reference and change them all according to it. 


    And indeed "Educational AR" is a board name, I was thinking about "Anatomy" but was hesitant because I want to present this concept of "Educational AR" to an educational institute here and thought this will help but will make different series of lenses and all names according to the subject of the lens.


    And never think this will discourage me, as I said before, it pushed me now and I am so much excited!

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  • Thank you for the kind words and I'm sooo glad you appreciated my feedback!! I can definitely see your hard work on this, which is why I especially wanted to respond! Please let me know if you have any further questions about the typos

    I think some good names for this could be "Educational Anatomy" "Anatomy Lesson" or "Learn Anatomy" do you like any of those?


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  • The model you submitted is free and available on all 3D websites. I hope you will innovate something. Make a lens with your efforts. You can

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  • haay_ley thaaank you, I think I will go with "Learn Anatomy"  which is just simple and clear.


    Of course I will let you know :-)

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  • Hi Mrops11,

    Thanks for your comment. I was just confused since you found it lovely and changed your mind later :P

    Lens Studio isn't a 3D modeling software, it's bigger than those, it utilizes other tools to make a completely immersive experience. I wouldn't need to "Re-invent" the wheel, so I used one of the freely available 3D models (since it's for the human body internal parts, which are the same ;-)

    It's about making use of these to serve my goal which is an educational AR lens that is just as a demo for what's possible.

    It's good you sent such a comment toward me (innovate something), and some other creator who just started where such words will be huge discouragement and to be honest (do not want to judge myself) but if such a lens which consumed my time in applying so many innovations in LS such as Voice recognition and so, I don't know what's innovation.

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