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Start tween from any position

  • Can you upload your project to google drive so i can take a look for you?

    Looking forward to help you.

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  • Hey Muneeb,

    If you are using the "From/To" method of moving your tween, try using "Offset" instead. This will move the tween from whatever position it is currently at, instead of specifying a start and end value. 


    Hope this helps!


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  • @ben Knutson


    But still a small issue tht when i do turn on tht offset, the bullet dissapears completely if i set the x axis to above 8

    Any workaround from tht?

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  • If the image you are Tweening is on the Orthographic Camera, are you using the TweenScreenTransform? That is what you would want to use for images.

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  • @ben Knutson

    I used tweentransform for it actually, i tried with tweenscreentransfrom, but its doing nothing :/

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  • TweenScreenTransform should work for a screen image. If you want to share your project i'll take a look and see what I can do!

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  • Hey Muneeb,

    I just checked out your project. I love the artwork! The scrolling animation is really cool as well! What is happening is the bullet is being offset from it's previous position. What you would need to do is manually reset the tween when it is finished. You would probably need to program some custom logic in order for that to work. If you look at the Tween Manager documentation, you can see examples of how you can control tweens using your own custom scripts. 

    If you are not familiar with javascript, check out for some beginner tutorials!

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  • @ben Knutson

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

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  • HEY Ben!

    Any luck with my lens?

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  • HEY @Ben Knutson

    just say your reply! thanks for ur input!

    Can i ask also how can i setup a collider on enemy if any target object hits the enemy and dissapears

    please note i have also seen the cats and fire tutorial vid on youtube it helped a little, but my collider/ Distance check behavior script is not working according to what i had in mind

    Please advice how should i proceed on this

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  • You'll ought to input the colors as R,G,B,A values regrettably due to the fact that arrays don't guide the color widget as this. Let me recognize if you need any greater help with this!

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  • nice

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  • I am thinking about growing a custom lens or filter with my logo call so fellow paintballers could use it with 30-06 ammo. Can absolutely everyone educate me the way to accomplish that? I am inclined to pay to your teaching time or you could additionally endorse a course to examine these things, it'd be extraordinarily favored, thanks in advance.

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