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Blend Shape

  • Hey Ravi,

    Can you share your Blendshape fbx file so I can help you with the project file?




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  • Thank you so much Amir for the reply!

    This is what I wanted to do.
    Its a basic human head with two blend Shapes on it
    1] Mouth Open
    2] Eye Blink

    When I tap and hold the screen (or on the object itself) The mouth open blend shape should keep going in a ping pong loop 0>1>0 and should go back to "0" once the tap is released.
    The idea is to create an illusion of the head talking which the user can sync with his own voice.

    If Possible the Eyes can blink randomly free of any interaction.

    Here is the link to the FBX file. 

    Thanks again in Advance!

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  • Hey Ravi,

    I made a project file for you to do same thing. What I did quickly was I used the touch event which you can find here:

    To detect when touch start and when touch is ending. 

    When touch is starting I lerp the value between 0 to 1 and then 1 to 0 if user is touching the screen.

    and also for the blink I used delay callback with random numbers that generated in the blink function.

    You can learn about delay callback and also random here:

    With this project file you can go ahead and customize it based on your need.

    Hope this will help you and have fun creating lenses.





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  • That worked perfectly Amir!
    Thank you so much!

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  • Hello  Amir Alavi 

    Can you help me with Blendshapes? I've create a l3D Head model with 51 blendshapes to work on face expression but none of them work i kept creating thinking the mistake is because my shape keys but now i believe there's nothing with my models i believe i am missing a small little thing that makes my models wont active but I haven't discovered it yet also I have try to export all the shape keys files but that doesn't work to. is there a way i can send you the models privately? 

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