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Control Lens Studio via script

  • Hey Lachlan, 

    Check out This Post I made including all my current Lens Studio Tutorials. A lot of them include info on how to script your own custom experiences using Javascript. I would start with the beginner javascript tutorial as it goes over the very basics of scripting in Lens Studio. Let me know if you have any questions!


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  • Wow! you're amazing. I'll go through all these. 

    Just to be clear, I think what I ultimately want to know before I get too far down the line is, would it be possible to build in components programmatically? 

    I basically want to be able to maybe create 20 different hats, 20 different noses, and 20 different glasses, and then automatically import one of each into a single lens. (So i end up with a whole bunch of totally different lenses by creating individual components and combining them programmatically.

    Does this kinda make sense? Is this possible do you think?

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  • I don't think there is currently a way to automate the process of building and submitting a Lens...but there are many ways to speed up the process. If you have 20 different sets of assets with the same concept in mind, all you would need to do is create a single project with one hat, nose and glasses, add your icon, name, and preview, then save and submit.

    Once you have your template project, you can just re-open that and switch out the assets, rename, change icon and preview, etc. This may not be done programmatically, but it will save you lots of time!

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  • Thanks!

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  • Thanks for the answers, and for the great work on Snap so far!

    Three years later, is there still now way to programmatically create Lenses?

    Looking to do sth very similar as described above - having a variety of similar 3D objjects and showing them each inside a custom Lens.

    So far, we have tried with Lens Studio, but it seems that Lens Studio *cannot* be addressed fully-automatically: We did not find any way to use it from the command line, but it seems a user is needed to manually click some buttons before a lens can be published. We would also be able to use create Kit, but we don't want our users to necessarily install an own App - they should just use their existing Snap app and account to view the AR experience.

    So, connected questions would be:

    1) Is it actually not possible to use Lens Studio for what we are planning?

    2) Considering Creative Kit as an alternative, is it possible to write a Web app that does *not* require any separate App installation (but just the standard Snap app to be installed on the user's smart phone)? If Creative Kit is the way to achieve what we want, we'd also have a look at that.

    Many thanks in advance!

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