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Big list o' feature requests

  • Delete key clears a field in the inspector

    Holy... Please add this. The amount of times ive accidently added an object to a field by accident, and having to delete the WHOLE OBJECT just to get it back to none is very annoying.


    Ability to cancel submission in review if it hasn't been reviewed yet

    Should already be added :P


    Animation times specified in frames instead of seconds

    Uh, yes!


    Other suggestions are nice but these 3 in my opinion are the most important.

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  • Looks like we can scratch environmental reflections, I didn't know about the "From Camera" property. Seems like it works  perfectly for my purposes.

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  • Good list. I hope we see some implemented - sooner the better. I would like to see the 'animation times as frames' done as a priority.

    I am sure I can add to this as well but I've only started using it.

    Basically I want everything that's in Unity :D

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  • Thank you so Ralph for all the great ideas! I have added them to our feature requests!!

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  • Other requests:

    Prefabs: You can export an object as a file, it would be cool if we could extend this functionality so that scene objects can reference these files and we can edit these files independently somehow. Ala Unity prefabs.

    Text: A system for displaying 2D and 3D text. Either from sprite sheets or generated from geometry.

    Editor Drag & Drop: I'd like the ability to drag and drop objects on to inspector fields. As it works now when you click and hold on an object, the inspector switches to show that object.

    Editor Copy & Paste of entire component: You should be able to copy and paste things like transforms on to other transforms in the inspector.


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  • Oh, one more!

    Ability to trigger video capture or snapshot via code. When making games in a Lens, it's tricky for the player to record while playing. It almost takes three hands! It would be cool if we could start captures via if, say, I know there's a 10-second sequence in my game worth capturing, I can start the snap and it would appear in the corner as a normal video capture would, etc. Then later on the user can tap that to decide whether to share it or not.

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  • All of these are wonderful feedbacks!! They are in our feature request lists now!!! 

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  • Of this list, these two are near the top of my list as well

    • Have Lens Studio compress the textures instead of using JPG files directly.
    • Particle System

    Having Lens Studio handle the compression allows us to work with high-res assets and then selectively down-res/compress as needed in order to hit our filesize target.

    A 2D & 3D particle system that supports Sprites and simple 3D objects would be really helpful - especially if we could use scripting to create/modify particles.

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  • Hey Donovan,

    While I can add an auto-compression tool to the feature request list, have you checked out the guide for optimization best practices yet?

    We also have since added Particles to Lens Studio. Check out our two templates featuring it here and here, and let us know if you have any additional questions.


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  • Gotta be honest, the particle system is kind of unusable. I’m impressed at the quality of the effects the template comes with because trying to make new ones that look good is nearly impossible. It’s a far cry from even Unity’s old legacy particle system. I guess it’s a good start...?

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  • @Kaitlyn - thanks for the heads up about the particle system! The examples are really beautiful.

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  • Hey Ralph, We'd love to hear how we could improve, just let us know what you'd like to create so we can see if it's already possible or requires new features. 

    And happy to hear you're enjoying the particle system Donovan. We really appreciate all the Bug Reports and Feature Requests you've sent in the past couple of days. Have you submitted a Lens yet? We'd love to see it!


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  • @Kaitlyn - I'm working on a pretty involved lens for a client. If I get clearance to publicize the work once it's done I'll happily share.

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