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Random Numbers (1-100)

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  • Hey

    Thanks for the script. Do you know how i can connect that script to a screen Text?




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  • but it might also be off track sorry

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  • Thanks, the script could maybe work. I just dont know how to connect it to a Text xD

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  • What should the number do with the text?

    Do you want to change the text so that it displays the random number?
    I can offer this script graph :)

    Make a "Input Text" node, that will appear on the script component. Drag your Text Object in there an voilá!

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  • Ups just read you want to connect scale and font to the number, but can you explain how they should be connected?

    random number = scale ?
    What you want to do with the font?
    More information is needed :D

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  • Hey Ines Hilz

    Thanks alot for the graph. So my Lens should display random numbers from 1 to 100 and when a certain event happens (e.g. Raise Eyebrows) or after a few seconts, it should stop.

    Scale and Font is only changed once, so i guess that can be done normally within the Text Object.

    Another Feature i was thinking of, is to have two random numbers, going from 1-100(%), but in total it should be 100%.


    So two people can use this lens, one person gets for e.g. 35% and the other should get 65% to get 100% in total. I dont know if this can be done within Lensstudio. If not a number going from 1 to 100 on the screen of the user and stopping after a few seconds, would be fine too.


    Thanks in advance for any kind of help.




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  • The script graph works fine, but in only displays the generated number. Is it possible to let it run a few seconds? So that it goes through the numbers 1-100 while displaying it on the screen and then stop it after a few seconds.


    The animation should look a bit like this (but with 1-100) and stop after a few seconds on the screen.

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  • You need to make a new boolean variable called sth like "StopGenerating", that you set to true after the Start node and after a few seconds of Delay.

    Move the script graph i posted from the Start to the Update node, so that it doesn't only run once at the start but every frame. Then you can add an "if" node between the Update and the rest that checks if the  "StopGenerating" bool is true or false.
    The rest of the graph only runs as long as the if statement is false, once the bool "StopGenerating" turns true after the Delay, it stops generating a new Number.

    Long story short:




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  • To make a second Text display the other percentage of 100, you can make another new Variable called sth like "FirstValue" and save it once the generating stops.

    Then you can do a little math once the bool turned true/the generating stopped: 100 - FirstValue and there you have the second Value :)
    Make a new Input for the second text and set it to this second Value and you are done!
    Please share the finished Lens, i would love to see how it turned out :)

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  • Hey Ines Hilz

    Thank you very very much for your detailed help! it works thanks! :D



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  • Glad i could help !
    Looking forward to the lens :)

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  • Thanks Ines Hilz for the graph! It helped me in another project I am working on too!

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