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  • Hy deema1889,

    If you want verified then daily actively on forums..
    •putt question..
    •helps others creator..
    •create lenses..
    Open this link-


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  • It looks like you have a creator profile that was given to you by Snapchat.

    My advice to you is: keep making lenses that lens studio team would love and most people concentrate on, such as 3D, 2D, snapML, and design graphics like these.

    Good luck


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  • Yea I know I have the creator profile and also I been doing a lot of filters to Snapchat and I still didn’t got verified my Snapchat is verified but without the gold star .

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  • Yes, this is kind of support from Snapchat to the creator to keep and improve his/her work to be verified don’t forget that Snapchat knows that gold stars is desire feature that everyone looks for. In my opinion having creator profile much better than having nothing lol. I have over 400 millions views and having an issue with my public profile.

    You can earn what you deserve by keeping your work, keep making lenses

    good luck.

    ان شاء الله يتوثق حسابك



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  • Also there are two ways to be verified,

    1- as lens community members ( lens studio team contact you to be part of the team )

    2- Content manufacturer ( like you get engagement audience and reached numbers of views on your story. Snapchat team will verified you )

    Good luck with both :))

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  • ماشاء الله 400 مليون متابعين او مشاهدات العدسات ؟

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  • مشاهدات للعدسات

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  • اتمنى ذلك لاني تعبت كثير في صناعة ايضاً الفلاتر ، بالاضافة للعدسات

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  • عدد المشاهدات للعدسة ليس مهم لو مهم لتوثق حسابات كثيرة

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  • عدد المشاهدات مهمه في حال عدسة من العدسات تتجاوز ١ مليار مشاهد هنا يفرق

    ع موضوع التوثيق الطريقه الوحيدة للتوثيق انهم يتواصلوا معك او تكوني صانعه محتوى وتكسبي متابعين ويتوثق الحساب

    اتمنى اني افدتك

    ب التوفيق

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  • Hey, I also don't recommend begging for the Golden Star as Team Snapchat will permanently disqualify you from the program!


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  • I deserve that gold start and not just about lenses also I do filters to Snapchat and I should get it (the gold star )

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  • My lenses got 664.59 million views and didn't get the gold star, even though I designed many different lenses and they crossed 1 million views. Hope you also check my account

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