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I have problem with verified account

  • I don't get what you mean by "Creator Tag" What's your account?? Are you taking what describes you as in an individual?

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  • My issue is i able to verified my account but snapchat does not do that.

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  • Hey!

    If you are becoming a creator in the Snap Lens Network (Official Lens Creator), there are no requirements like sub count/view count. You have to create creative and well-working Lenses. If Snapchat thinks that you are a good addition to the Snap Lens Network team, they will reach out to you and ask you to be a part of it. You can't apply to this program.

    If that's not what you are talking about, please reply to my comment further explaining what you mean and we will continue to help you with your matter!


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  • Wait.! @mr.dg1 check this account in snapchat and tell me your opinion. For verification

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  • @... I think it’s depends on luck😅 I know many lens creator who just got olc they have only 6,7 beauty lens and they got verified and the other hand some of us creating 3D and trying to create something new but we are being ignore here should be a some proper forum or way where Snapchat team analyse our creation then include us in lens network! 
    mr.dg1best of luck hope you could achieve soon 🤟🏼What you want



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  • Hey! Your lenses are great and you have a wide variety. You're a good creator but Snapchat has all the say in who becomes verified and not. My only advice is to keep making such great lenses and connecting with your community. Best of luck :)

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  • My opinion is that the snapchat team should improve their analytics system. Because this way he can lose a good Creator.

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  • loganclark_1 no mate if you say quality matter then I know some OLC who just create beauty lenses and I know everyone can get verified badge just wait for your turn !

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  • Strongly agree, I spent more than 1 year and since than I been requesting for Creator profile and every time they ignore and most of the comment  is (keep creating wonderful lenses you will get recognise by snap team ) which will never happened.

    still I have the love for Snapchat and create lenses, but maybe one day will come and start think am I in the wrong plat form.


    hope we all get what we. Deserve 

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  • I understand your frustration. However it should be noted that requesting for OLC will only harm you. Moreover, if this is what’s making you think that you’re on the wrong platform, then it only goes to show you want verification. Which once again, only harms you. Yes I will tell you to continue making lenses because really there’s nothing else to do if you want OLC. As mentioned previously, simply because you think you deserve a gold star doesn’t mean you should get one. There’s tons of great creators. Snapchat cant go around and give a gold star to anyone who exemplifies some artistic or technological genius. Having everyone be verified only devalues the meaning of what it is to be OLC. I apologize for the wrong post but I just want to end this conversation once and for all. You will not get OLC by complaining or requesting it. There is no guarantee you will ever get OLC. However most people started creating lenses to share their work and ideas with people, and that’s what Lens Studio should be all about. Of course it would be a great thing to get verified, it’s one of my goals too, but this virtual goal has skewed so many people’s minds. At the end of the day, gold star or not, you are still a great person who makes fantastic lenses because they love doing so. Please don’t let a few yellow pixels take that away from you.

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  • Maya🦋 lets end it right here  and hope for the best no one here is complaining, only telling our opinion ( some appreciate in any way will be great)   any way since we all love to make lenses lets continue what we love 😁👍🏻.


    Thanks once again


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  • Maya🦋 working real hard for that gold star. Smh.

    Tp14kI I suggest getting 1 or 2 articles about and snapchat will recognized you.

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  • Maya🦋 are  you a admin of Snapchat?? You don’t know how to make a single lens and here you are giving of plenty time useless suggestions  . Are you joblessss ? I saw your work you done nothing just kid thingss / starter . And here you are acting like a Lens network member . Go get some sleep and practice on Lens Studio as earlier Lens Studio latest update pushed go learn something from template thats your type only .  

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  • mr.dg1 bruh don’t loose hope . These cheap creator will only demotivate others instead of appreciate / motivate . I saw your brown-grainy  you been doing great 
    even i cant remove your lenses from my favourite list / snap memories  . Keep doing good thing . Ignore these cheap creators. Same goes to saqib_m55

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  • Austin Timberlake Relax Bro 👀 Maya is just doing her work maybe she think being active on this forum she could recognize as lens network member Maya🦋 don’t mind you have to need learn lens studio !

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  • all you need is patient and time,being and lens creator isn't about getting verified its about using your creations to communicate with the snapchat Community,so just enjoy making lens and maybe one day snapchat would definitely notice you. 

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  • ای انشاء عدسة فی شریکه سناب شات تحقق توثیق حسابی انی احتاج توثیق او انشاء عدسات سناب لی شریکه

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  • فقط تحلى بالصبر ، سيصل أخي سناب شات إليك من تلقاء نفسه ، في في غضون ذلك ، استمر في إنشاء عدسات مذهلة(just have patient my brother snapchat will reach out to you on its own,in the
    meantime just keep on creating amazing lenses)

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