• Could you post a screenshot in the thread, showing all the content used? They also prohibit other types of brand images like any bitmoji, or snapchat brands. I've run into this before, so I could possible be able to identify a potential issue.

    Also just make sure the name of your lens or other attributes don't use the snapchat brand name, or bitmoji.

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  • Must be the guy mask Im using, even tho the 3d model said open source.


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  • Interesting, so that's the only "media" in your lens? It shouldn't flag that for being owned by Snap.

    If you can, post the icon and name from the project, that would be the only other potentially noncompliant thing.

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  • yup thats it

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  • Hmm. I've had to appeal rejected lenses before. 

    Go ahead and shoot an email to lensstudio-support@snapchat.com

    Explain what's going on and that you don't have any media from snap in the lens, lens icon, or title.

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  • Thanks, I'll give that a shot. 

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  • Of course! Let me know how it goes ;)

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  • Hey d3ad7y1

    Is there anything else on the preview media than the screenshot you showed us?

    Usually if you add  a text with "Add me for more lenses" or something like that gets also rejected.




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  • Thank you I,II give a shot.Really appreciated.

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  • Have the same problem myself..

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  • J'ai le même problème moi-même.

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  • SirQu3ntin devisevib have you got any solution?

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  • Hey Karan Padhiar

    Can you send us the lens preview media?




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  • SirQu3ntin never mind it was a Screen text "Let's get High" and they took this illegal and Drug consumption 🙄😂. Its live now you can check


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