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Snapchat suddenly now crashes immediately

  • Check the graphics card, as many people forget to check it or try to download a version that supports the hardware components of your device

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  • Was working perfectly fine with my 2 x GTX970 cards right up to today. I've tried disabling SLI, running it one monitor then the other, rendering on different GPU's


    Is there a software renderer available?



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  • Just ran Heaven benchmark on OpenGL renderer and that runs fine as well. Literally I am completely stumped why its no longer working. 

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  • I have just installed Lens Studio and it starts up but crashes/stops straight away when my anti-virus detects a trojan and quarantines the exe file.

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  • Tried reinstalling manycam. One other issue is if I open the "camera" app then snapcam loses all its resolution settings for manycam and immediately shuts down again. Only way I can get it to stay up is connect my HUE camera, select that and get a resolution setting.

    What I really fail to understand is how it was working perfectly fine then , with literally zero change or update to anything it now crashes the moment any OpenGL work needs to happen

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  • The app has no crash log, no error log and no error messages so I am unable to properly discover whats causing the issue.

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  • Progress! After much experimentation, it seems to be a conflict with the camera app that comes with windows.

    After looking at OBS studio and the camera app it seems my system no longer recognises the Snap Camera as a viable camera. Its no longer an option in either OBS or camera.

    If I run camera, then switch camera from my HUE to manycam, I get "no available cameras" in snap camera. This continues even if I close camera or OBS. Only time I can get it back again is by switching my camera app to the HUE.

    I can now get the lenses working but the absolutely tiny window in Snap Camera is almost completely useless (why is it so unbelievably small and you cant increase it??!)

    So, OBS and camera now no longer work with Snap Camera - for no obvious reason that I can see sadly.

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  • Oh hopefully there is an update which fixes this problem :/

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  • I finally managed to fix the issue. After getting the camera app to focus on my Hue camera and leaving it there, reinstalling Snap Camera managed to get camera app to recognise snapcam. Once it recognised it, Snapcam started working again.


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  • Thanks for letting know!

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