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  • Somewhat possible, but not entirely. 

    You can use the skeletal tracking:

    which will track the arms and head but it doesn't track legs.

    Personally would probably detect the position by checking the position of the tracking points on the user against targets displayed on screen to the user.

    I believe object tracking is already giving screen position and not world position so you can simply just compare the distance between the vectors.

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  • Hi, Laurent

    Definitely this is possible, I've been playing with this concept some time ago. I can share some stuff with you 

    So first I started with adding some helpers

    I defined a Bone as a combination of three Skeletal Tracking Points - parent, start  and end point. Very similar to this forum post.

    var Bone = function (parent, start, end) {
    this.parent = { transform: parent.getSceneObject().getFirstComponent("ScreenTransform"), tracking: parent };
    this.start = { transform: start.getSceneObject().getFirstComponent("ScreenTransform"), tracking: start };
    this.end = { transform: end.getSceneObject().getFirstComponent("ScreenTransform"), tracking: end };

    Bone.prototype.rotation = function () {
    var parentDir = (new vec2(this.start.transform.position.x, this.start.transform.position.y).sub(new vec2(this.parent.transform.position.x, this.parent.transform.position.y))).normalize();
    var dir = (new vec2(this.end.transform.position.x, this.end.transform.position.y).sub(new vec2(this.start.transform.position.x, this.start.transform.position.y))).normalize();
    return new vec2(, parentDir.x * dir.y - parentDir.y * dir.x);

    Bone.prototype.isTracking = function () {
    return (this.parent.tracking.isTracking() && this.start.tracking.isTracking() && this.end.tracking.isTracking())

    Then I represented a Skeleton class which is basically a list of bones

    var Skeleton = function () {
    this.bones = {};

    it has a couple of methods for adding bones and debug

    Skeleton.prototype.add = function (name, parent, start, end) {
    if (start != null && end != null) {
    this.bones[name] = new Bone(parent, start, end);
    else {
    throw ("Need 3 points");

    Also it has a getPose method - that gives you all bone data in specific format

    keleton.prototype.getPose = function () {
    var pose = {};
    for (var boneName in this.bones) {
    var rotation = this.bones[boneName].rotation();
    pose[boneName] = { x: rotation.x.toFixed(5), y: rotation.y.toFixed(5) };
    return pose;

    And also a method that checks if pose is matching with given threshold. 

    Skeleton.prototype.isMatching = function (pose) {
    for (var boneName in pose) {
    if (this.bones[boneName] != undefined) {
    if (!this.bones[boneName].isTracking())
    return false;
    if (pose[boneName].distance(this.bones[boneName].rotation()) >= threshold) {
    return false;
    return true;

    Great! Next we have to create some poses.

    In order to do this I created a bunch of photos of myself and loaded them to the preview panel of the Lens Studio

    Also I created a helper, that outputs current pose in required format to the logger. 

    script.createEvent("TapEvent").bind(function (eventData) {

    It outputs something like this. The pose is output as a string version of a JSOn format. 

    Then I collected like 10 of different poses, added them as a list of strings to the PoseManager script 


    var poseJSONs = []

    and created a textures for them to display (sorry for my drawing skills ;) )

    I will not get deeper into details of my gameplay but basically if gives you a couple seconds to fit the given pose. It compares the directions of upper-body tracking points with the current pose and reacts on the result. 

    I added behavior script that sends custom trigger to start the game when recording started. For debugging purposes in studio you can change event type to touch

    You can find my project here, it is not optimal, just a draft. Please extend it to fulfill your needs

    Let me know if there are any questions !



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  • Apoc and Olha thanks you very much for your help ! 

    I will try to understand everything ... once again thanks for your support

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