• Hey spongie,

    In order for Lenses to appear in Snap Camera, you need a combination of things: a live Lens; popularity; and adherence to the Lens Studio Submission Guidelines (so that the content is appropriate for the public). To add a Lens, boost its popularity by posting it on the forum or other social sites as recommended in this guide. Given this, if you think your Lens should still show feel free to pass along the Lens ID so we can take a deeper look.


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  • Dear Karolina,

    Let me join the discussion because I have a similar problem.

    Could you please give us a little bit more details about these "popularity" requirements? I already have hundreds of Views, and still can't find Lens in SnapCamera. So could you please give us specific values that are needed?

    It would be nice if we can get more info in My Lenses status like "you have 600 out of 1000 Views needed to go public".

    Furthermore it is a necessity to have an option to show "private" Lens in a SnapCamera (by scanning the code for example), because now it is hard (impossible actually) to test your work in SnapCamera (I know there is a preview in LensStudio, but it doesn't work exactly the same).

    My profile BTW.: https://lensstudio.snapchat.com/creator/Z2JLUFj2YyDJyF-YGPVxhQ

    Best regards.

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    Snap Camera isn't set-up to support testing of Lenses in the way you've described, however we are working on improvements to make this even easier in Lens Studio. For now, please select the landscape resolution in Lens Studio (I've attached a screenshot). This is most important when you are building a Lens that includes elements attached to the screen, like a Billboard. More details can be found in this Guide as well.



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  • I'm sorry but that is quite ridiculous.  Popularity is a prerequisite?  I honestly do not see a point.  The lenses are already on your server.  Having a prerequisite like that will definitely discourage some users.  

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  • Hi Karolina,

    Thanks for your kind answers, but unfortunately it doesn't solve any problems. As I said - I know there is LensStudio preview, but as I also said it is really not enough for professional work.

    Every true developer want to test his product on the target device. For example when you create mobile app, you may work on some kind of emulator during production, but in the final phase you want to test it on a physical smartphone.

    LensStudio doesn't even have a Fullscreen preview mode and can't share the output stream like SnapCamera do. So it is not really useful to test Lens in the target environment.

    What We really need is just an option to run a private Lens in a SnapCamera. Why it is so much impossible, when you can run it easily in Snapchat? I see a plenty of options to do it really easy - for example:

    1. Scanning a SnapCode with SnapCamera (like you do in Snapchat)
    2. Giving an exact Lens UUID to SnapCamera
    3. Sign In to SnapCamera to have an access to MyLenses


    The second aspect is that we still don't know what requirements for "public" Lens really are. You didn't give us any definition of this mysterious "popularity". In other topics I found some information about 100 views which I meet long ago, and it doesn't really help.

    I would like to use Lenses in contests, events and other kind of marketing stuff. I see a lot of potential in it. But I can't really use it when I don't know when my Lens will be available or if it will be available at all.

    We need:

    1. Clear statements about requirements that Lens should meet to be available in Explorer
    2. Exact time it takes to review a Lens
    3. Post review feedback which will tell why Lens was rejected and what should we do to repair it
    4. Button to ask for another review after we eliminate all the issues found


    I checked several pages in this forum and I found plenty of threads on the same problem so IMO it is an important issue to solve.


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  • Hello!

    We totally understand the need to test in a more realistic environment and are working on resolving this as well along with being able to find all approved Lenses in Snap Camera, as soon as these updates are live we will be sure to update you. 

    Regarding your contest question, are you looking to run a contest on Snap Camera or just with the Lens within Snapchat? To answer your other questions.

    • Review time -- If your Lens is submitted through My Lenses as a community Lens and is not being used for an ad buy, review will generally take 1 hour or less. Review times for sponsored Lenses is a multi-day process, for more information on that here.
    • Feedback on rejections -- You should receive an email that provides some notes, however we understand sometimes additional information is required. In these instances please email lensstudio-support@snapchat.com and we can further look into the issue.
    • Button for another review -- Thanks for calling this out, we can look into adding this in future releases. For now, you can easily resubmit a Lens, which prompt for review of the Lens.



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  • Hi All,

    Good News! You can now unlock a Lens by its Lens Link in the latest version of Snap Camera. This means, you can find your Lens by pasting the Lens link into the search bar in Snap Camera as soon as the Lens is live.

    Download it here!

    Happy creating!

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  • Outstanding. I am unsure why it wasn't like that in the beginning but no matter. It is here now.

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  • for some reason my clipped link will not post on the search area to find my lense i made. i even typed it on their and it did not work help please.



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  • Hi,

    You should be able to search for your Lens by pasting your full Link into the search bar - 




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  • Why can't I find /add Snapchat's official lenses

    Like this one:


    Name: Mustache


    It says No Lenses found! Try changing your search! :)


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  • I have the same problem, lens links don't work in Snap Camera.

    I using version 1.10.0 of Snap Camera on macOS Catalina 10.15. 

    I keep seeing a message saying that Lens Links should work when pasted into the search field in Snap Camera but every lens link I try return zero results.

    Even the ones made by SnapChat.


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