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I'm cheap and want to hire people to make lens assets for me

  • No. this I hate !

    Learn it, its very simple and well documented take the time and get some skills.

    The fact you think you can put this on fiverr and undervalue $ of the work is sickening just because snap opened this up to the public doesn't mean a lot of skill and hard work goes in to a lens. That you will no doubt be doing as third party and chargin a client $$$ for.

    Work with creators properly and pay them correctly for the work and time they do. if you cant afford it cause your cheap.. go get an investor and proper supported business model


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  • This isn’t helpful. This is for a personal project for my kid so be respectful. Fiverr is also an open market, not everything is five dollars.

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  • 1) you never mention personal project or for your kid.
    2) if it’s for your kid spend the time and Learn and make something for your kid!
    3) don’t come to open forum saying your cheap and wanting people to do your work plan to go somewhere else to pay some one todo the work for what now become apparently a project for your kid and then tell me to be respectful.
    4) I work on fiverr I know the marketplace very well and how appalling it is!
    5) look at what people post here it commujty about here is my idea or I am trying to script this they contribute to the platform and the app. Not just take at least come with an idea and an attempt

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  • This is a forum for help.  If you can't help just be quiet.  I just need help with what assets I need.  I'll learn the tool from there.  You need to chill and if you hate Fiverr so much why do you support it by working on it.  I hope there are sane people in this forum who can help me, not useless trolls like you.  Who knows, maybe I would have hired you if you helped me out.  Again, this is a project for my son, so show a little respect. 

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  • And again as I said in point 2 “learn it”, it’s well documented and comes with assets and spec. For you to use , also re fiverr you can be on it and inactive and trust me you couldn’t afford my hourly rate!
    I also help people in these forums nearly daily I see you only joined very recently. And stop using your son on why I should give you an ounce of respect I have a son and I would never use my son as weight and reason why someone should show me respect again go trough the guides and tutorials and Learn it. Then come and contribute with idea of problem and ppl will help. Suggest you edit your original post with much clearer information and at least try the tutorials

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  • Hey All,

    Friendly reminder to treat this forum as a place for respectful discussion. We want people of all skill levels to feel welcome to join and hope to foster a feeling of community within.


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