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AR Sculptures

  • What a great exploration of AR art Alessandro!

    Did you deliberately disable the users ability to scale the art? Would be fun to be able to choose the size of the universes/ quantum membranes for better exploration of them!

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  • Thanks so much Kaitlyn! No, how would I enable that?

    I am also working on putting together an exhibition of these and other works I'm planning to make during Cleveland's new Front Triennial that is happening this July. I'm planning on printing flyers, each with a QR code containing one of my sculptures and leaving them at the various triennial locations throughout the city and also was thinking of having a physical exhibition space where people could come to see the AR sculptures using AR glasses or headsets for a more immersive experience - would it be possible to see the lenses with AR glasses using a QR code? CLEVR, a nonprofit VR group, is interested in helping me put the show together and I am going to reach out to some gallery owners as well. I wanted to ask if Snapchat would be interested in sponsoring a show in any way? Or if you could recommend an AR glasses companies who you might think would be interested in letting us use some of their equipment?


    Here is a part of my artist statement for your reference: 

    “Religion and science are the two conjugated faces of the same complete act of knowledge”

    - Pierre Teilhard

    I create artworks by combining science and my spiritual practices in pursuit of altering my perceived reality. In my culminate concept each artwork depicts a minimal representation of a universe, one of an infinite number composing the multiverse. This concept is inspired by Quantum Physics and Zen Buddhism which both represent the universe as a two-dimensional surface. In Quantum Physics this 2D surface is called a Membrane, which humans perceive as 3D. In Zen the universe is represented by the 2D Ensō symbol, which are hand-drawn in infinite variations. Fusing these two representations Enso Membranes are created. 

    ”The Overview Effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by astronauts during spaceflight while viewing the Earth from orbit. It refers to the experience of seeing the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life - from space, national boundaries vanish and the conflicts that divide people become less important.”

    - Frank White

    In the current climate of socio-political polarization, art should present new ways of perceiving the world that bring people together. My concept was developed to instill an Overview Effect in the viewer as it presents not only our planet, but our entire universe as part of a much greater whole. Enso Membranes seen via augmented reality further enhances this effect by allowing us to see our most fundamental reality (a membrane) superimposed on our perceived, physical reality.

    here is a link to my instagram in case you'd like to see the physical works which create the base for the AR sculptures: 

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this!!




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  • Hi Kaitlyn,

        Wanted to share a few more AR sculptures I made, they are more complex than the last series. There is so much I could do by combining my concept with Lense Studio, I am certain I could make hundreds of unique sculptures! Very excited, thanks so much for creating this program! Hope to hear from you soon.






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  • Hey Alessandro,

    I love the excitement behind creating Lenses! To allow a user to manipulate the art as I suggested, I recommend you import the art into the Static or Animated object templates. There, as long as the object is a child of the WorldObjectController, it will have the movement / scale / rotation capabilities. 

    Also love the idea to print flyers of the Lens's Snapcodes for Cleveland's new Front Triennial. Currently there is no integration of Lenses with AR glasses, but hopefully one of our 187 million daily active users will be around to scan the code to experience your art. Also while the art is attached to the Snapchat app, at least multiple could experience the art at once instead of one or two at time with a couple of AR glasses.


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