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It says the lens is pushed to my device, I get the notification, but it doesn't appear in Snapchat

  • Ok so I tried on a different WiFi network and it works fine. Lens Studio must not like some network / firewall configurations?

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  • Hey Ralph,

    In order to successfully pair, your phone and computer must be on the same network. Was the different WiFi network you chose the one your computer was on (or vice versa)?


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  • Nope, on the same network. I don't know if the app uses UDP broadcast to discover devices--but I've had problems with that in the past on certain networks. For instance, I had to turn off all the firewall options on my router at home for UDP broadcast to discover other clients on a Unity3D app I was working on a while back.

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  • Hey Ralph,
    If Lens Studio can't find your device on local networks, e.g. because of firewall settings, it will try to push the Lens to your phone via Snapchat servers.

    Would you mind helping us debug this by telling whether you are using iOS or Android? 


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  • Using iOS and a Mac.

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  • Thanks Ralph! As we debug, can you confirm that your network has firewall enabled?

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  • That I can't confirm as the wifi network is for the larger co-working facility my office is at. So I'm not sure what the IT situation is there. We're going to put our own router in our office with our own Wifi LAN so that should probably solve it.

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  • Thanks Ralph for reporting this and debugging yourself. Let us know of course if you run into any further issues.


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  • >> when I push lens to the device, it seems to be successful.

    >> It says "Lens has been pushed", I get the notification on my phone, but when I open up snapchat the lens isn't there.


    We have also seen this bug today. Everything was working correctly, then the above behaviour appeared.

    After several hours of tests, we finally uninstalled Snapchat from the smartphone, and then reinstalled it.

    It fixed the problem.

    EDIT : the problem appeared on 3 different phones, not just one. It seems it was triggered by an automatic Snapchat update on the phones. In each case, uninstall/install again fixed the issue.


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  • This is a recurrent problem.  It seems to occur randomly, then fix itself randomly.  However, I can push and push and push and sometimes it just doesn't work.. then all of a sudden ... voila!

    It is very frustrating though... hope we can collaboratively figure out if there is a valid reason for it so others don't have this issue

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