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Are lenses discoverable?

  • I have the opposite problem! I shared my lens with a few people and its still not showing anything at all. Its only been in the past 12 hours so maybe it needs time to update but I doubt it.

    There isn't a lens store that I know of. Unless Snapchat thought your lens was so awesome they pushed it out there to everyone, but I don't think they would do that without permission :)

    Maybe something not quite right about their stats gathering system. Will have a word with tech support I think. It was my first one and this is exactly the type of thing I wanted to know about.

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  • yes I got none for ones where I  know its been shared to cause I shared.

    I am desperate to talk to tech support, I like community opens up great dialog like this but sometimes I just need to call and get the answer from the horses mouth!

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  • Nice stats! There are Snapchat Lens Codes websites - just google them. Also on reddit. Someone might have posted it there. OR, someone with 200k followers used it on their story. 

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  • Hey Everyone,

    When you think about it, a Lens is like a secret. If you tell one person there is no guarantee that person won't share it with another person. Once the secret is out, it can spread via stories (as Cyrene pointed out) or by direct messages to friends. Then those friends can record (i.e. screenshot) the content and blast it to the world (i.e. the internet).

    Remember you always have the ability to deactivate your Lens though should you choose to do so.

    Also, Mike, the statistics on My Lenses are updated once every 24 hours and they need to reach a tally of "5" in each Views, Scans and Shares before they are visible at all.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions on this and I'd be happy to further assist.


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  • Mmmmm ok I have questions about this and question data accuracy
    1) let’s say big influencer was given my snap code to test, and he video snapped him in the lens , would that make it visible to their followers? Even though you can’t see the snapcode?
    2)if not I think the data is off and would either way in the future would want significantly deeper level of reporting (happy to user test that)

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  • FYI I am not against this or complaining I am just trying to wrap my head around the attribution model to this and how I would measure report this to potential clients

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  • @Patrick

    Here's what I think and I may be wrong.

    If a big influencer uses your lens and post that video in their story, all their followers who viewed their video using your lens would be considered a view.

    Also, snapchat automatically puts a SWIPE UP link to unlock the lens on the snapchat video that uses it.

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  • @CyreneQ ok so views are video views  not the views of the snapcode in the carasoul. ok...

    def this bit makes sense"

    Also, snapchat automatically puts a SWIPE UP link to unlock the lens on the snapchat video that uses it"

    @snap WE NEED better reporting (know its early doors...)

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  • According to this thread, lens views are an assortment of things from activating the lens, sending to friends and story views. So I guess if someone plays with your lens (sees it in the carousel) 200k times, even though they didn’t send it to anyone, that would count too. 

    I’d be nice to see lens interaction and unique users stats separated. Because it could just be me looking at my lens so many times and I get excited I got that many views, but it’s really just me! Lol 

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