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How to make a draggable billboard object?

  • Hey Matthew,

    A billboard by definition is a 2D textured plane attached to the camera, so you shouldn't be able to drag it around.

    What you're looking for is a sprite sheet, so feel free to play around with the Cutout Template to discover how to drag those sprite sheets around.


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  • That's moving them around in a 3D space, what I meant was how to drag a 2D sprite on a 2 dimensional plane on the screen. Almost like a sticker you'd apply after taking a snap, but during the snap instead.

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  • Hi Matthew, you can use the ManipulateComponent in conjunction with the 2D sprite to accomplish this.

    The ManipulateComponent relies on its parent's transform to calculate how the object should move around. So, if the parent of your ManipulateComponent is rotated on x-axis 90degrees, the object should move in 2 dimensional space. Additionally you can reduce the minDistance in script so that you can move the object to the center of the screen:

    // @input Component.ManipulateComponent manipulateComponent
    script.manipulateComponent.minDistance = -9999

    To manipulate a 2D sprite, you can create a box to encompass it to use as its TouchComponent's MeshVisual. You can assign this box a new unlit texture and disable "depth write", "depth test", and "color write" in order to make it invisible. 

    Your final result should look something like:

    Let me know if I can further clarify anything :) 

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  • Hello Jonathan, 

    I tried your small tutorial but I got this error:

    How could I fix that? Maybe give us more information about this.


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  • Julien, the script requires you to set the ManipulateComponent in the inspector. Select the object you added the script to. Then, in the inspector set "Manipulate Comp" to a manipulate component in your scene. 

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